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FarbTalk: Making Putting Practice Fun: 7-Up Style

Дата публикации: 2018-05-22 06:01

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Keep in mind that not all of the ways to improve practice and lessons are found at the piano bench or in the students practice room!

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To create a great piano practice game, first decide what you’d like to target , such as piano posture, or playing a song without missing any notes. Then choose a clear, specific goal that’s attainable for your child. If hand position is the issue you’d like to tackle, make the object of the game to keep fingers curved and relaxed, and don’t worry about anything else.

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Penalties: If a piano student’s playing is getting careless, don’t be afraid to use penalties in the game. These could be moving the object on the keyboard further away from the end as a consequence for a missed note. Penalties should never be used when students are learning new songs, only when those songs have been learned and are ready to be mastered. Most students smile when I give them their first penalty, and it spurs them on to better quality of performance.

Roll-the-Die: Another game I’ve started using recently involves an element of chance. The piano student rolls a six-sided die to see how many times to play a song or portion of a song. If the student plays correctly, turn the die so that the next lower number is facing up. For instance, if the piano student rolls a four, then plays correctly, the die is turned so that three is facing up, then play again, and so on down to one.

Children love games, and when it comes to piano practice there are lots of ways to have fun and be creative. A good practice time game will have a clear and specific goal with results attached. Within those guidelines, your imagination is the only limit.

Both lessons and practice are incredibly more enjoyable with the addition of fun! For students, parents and teachers all together!

I promise you if you are positive and patient with your student and make practice fun for them soon your home will be filled with more music than you ever imagined.

I 8767 ve been searching for positive ideas to get my daughter to try an instrument. This looks like an amazing program!

I am thrilled to begin teaching my grand daughter to play piano! This site is the best I have seen to help children learn in a fun way. Thank you so much!

This is important for both the piano student and the practice partner. Never scold or threaten to get your piano student to the bench. If they complain, remind them to come to piano practice with a smile. You might even want to make a game out of cheerfully coming to practice.

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